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Lepex is a recently developed rabbit sperm extender, which differs from other commercial extenders as exemplified by the following characteristics:

  • Lepex consists of pharmaceutical quality biochemicals and less antibiotics. 

  • Lepex contains Matrix, which is a mixture of polymers that brings an increased fertility. 

  • Lepex has a prolonged storage capacity of at least 24 hours without any negative effect on fertility. 

The Hamilton Thorne CEROS II system for computer-assisted sperm analysis   

The graph below gives an example of the evolution of motility for rabbit sperm diluted in Lepex during storage at 17 ⁰C. 

Graph Lepex Brun.jpg

All Lepex lots produced are tested for biochemical and physical characteristics. Moreover, each lot is tested in vitro for performance with respect to storage capacity of sperm cells by  motion characteristic analysis and viability testing.

lapin transparent.png

The first 2 insemination trials were done by insemination of 83 and 160 does, respectively. The groups of does had about 95% multiparous animals, while the remainder were nulliparous or primiparous. 

The inseminations were done 24 hours after collection and dilution of the sperm in Lepex. Of the 2 groups, 79 and 150 does became pregnant. The average pregnancy rate was 94.2% and the litter size (total born) 10.8. 

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