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Lepex is an leporine semen extender for fresh use and cooled transport that has been specially developed for dilution of rabbit sperm and storage of the diluted semen without centrifugation.

The use of the Lepex sperm extender brings you several advantages:

  • a less expensive extender.

  • time-saving preparation of diluted sperm.

  • easier and less costly processing of rabbit sperm.

  • no centrifugation, so no loss of sperm cells due to this step.

  • no centrifugation, so no extender and cushion fluid needed.

  • no centrifugation, so no damage to sperm cells due to this step.

Lepex is being produced by mixing dehydrated pharmaceutical grade biochemicals followed by grinding in a controlled atmosphere using proprietary equipment and a proprietary process. 

This production results a high quality, highly micronized powder that prevents segregation of particles and that readily solubilizes in water. 

After fully solubilisation of the powder in water, Matrix needs maximally 1 hour to fully hydrate. 

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